Entrepreneurship: some interesting experiences across the world/5

Mostafa Shahat has been working in entrepreneurship field for 7 years. He founded a training company called G.O.L (Goal Oriented Learners). G.O.L is improving Egyptian youth employment’s skills to be qualified candidates for the job market by offering trainings on entrepreneurship, professional trainings (marketing, sales..ect).Mostafa succeed to deliver G.O.L trainings to 30,000 entrepreneurs & graduates in Egypt.Mostafa interviewed over 80 entrepreneurs from all over the Middle East and published their success stories in international entrepreneurship magazines.Mostafa succeed to build partnerships with several European organizations to organize funded Entrepreneurship programs by National European Agencies in Italy, Bulgaria and Netherlands. Here he gives us a collection of some very interesting stories from international entreneurship.

Young leaders in Tunisia are shaping their country’s future

Tunisia is the first country in the entire Arab world to have a huge youth uprising in the North Africa countries’ history, that ended up with a revolution in 2011, that has not only affected Tunisia, but as well as the other Arabian countries.Arab spring started in 2011, in the same year when entrepreneurship has shown its positive effects on the community development, and was used as a tool by young people to change their life and contribute effectively in their community.There are many social entrepreneurs who succeeded after the Tunisian revolution to found social enterprises to tackle the local community problems, Hamida Louguini a Tunisia social entrepreneur, whose life changed after the revolution because of social entrepreneurship, she has founded Women’s Democracy Network (WDN) organization in Tunisia, where she is supporting young Tunisian women leaders to participate in the political process, and increase their leadership and representation in the Tunisian community as well as to make the voice of underprivileged and isolated women heard.

‘We are linking women with their peers who have been in the similar struggles to provide mentorship from their experiences’ says Hamida ‘as well as we are offering skills-building trainings designed specifically to empower the young Tunisian women leaders’ needs and potentials’.Hamida studied Business English at the University Of Mannouba, and she obtained her master’s degree focused on Business Communication from the same university in 2016. Hamida’s passion along with her strong motivation to support the Tunisian civil society have unleashed her best abilities to join various of international and national NGOs in Tunisia since young age, she has joined the organizing committee at The Arab Institute of Business Managers and European Youth Forum , Community Volunteer at TedxCarthage and Debater at Young Arab Voices.  “Joining at early age many organizations as a volunteer has helped me to increase my network and built my personal brand” says Hamida “I couldn’t reach to where I am right now without being proactive and committed”.Hamida worked at Sawty association means in English my voice as Media Manager, Sawty is an association that is supporting the Tunisian youth during the democratic transition, by raising the awareness of the importance of the civic and political participation, promoting the culture of dialogue, and encouraging networking and collaboration opportunities materialize between the different actors of the civil society on the one hand, and between civil society and government on the other hand.

‘I believe that the Tunisian youth are the potential and future leaders of their country’ says Hamida.Hamida has attended the fourth regional summer course on ‘The Implementation of Human Rights Conventions in the National Systems‘ at the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University in Lebanon, where she has attended several trainings and workshops about human rights topics, with participants from all over the Arab countries.  Hamida believed that her efforts and contribution matter, and she will be continuing working and volunteering in the civil society, and supporting others to understand how important their contribution is whether in the political or civic life.

Entrepreneurs in Lebanon: Nibal Farashe


Lebanon is one of the North African countries that is most religiously diverse, and it has its unique culture which makes it one of the top destinations in the Middle East for tourists to visit. Lebanon’s community is one of the open-minded and modernize communities in the region, that respects women’s rights, and is not ruled by specific religion.  Despite there are many challenges politically and economically in the Lebanon’s community, but Lebanon is one of the very few countries in the region that has not been affected by the Arab spring in 2011.There are many activists, community leaders and entrepreneurs who positively shaped Lebanon’s community, there are many social enterprises that launched in Lebanon and operating now in each of the Middle East countries.Nibal Farashe, is one of the few women and children’s rights activists in Lebanon, who started working at very early age with the civic organizations in the rural areas to empower women and children, provide ongoing educational programs and defend their rights.

Nibal studied Law and Political Science at the Beirut Arab University in 2015, since she was 14 years old, she used to volunteer with World Vision where she was organizing leadership camps for underprivileged children in rural areas. During these camps children learned many different social skills, as well as understood their role as a citizen and knew their rights and duties.For over than seven years, Nibal was part of World Vision, she was not only providing entertaining and educational activities for the children, but as well as,  participating in conducting evaluation and assessment for other world vision’s projects.‘World Vision empowered myself confidence and independence, and I feel that my role in the community is important, and my contribution and efforts matter’ says Nibal.Nibal used to volunteer as well at UNDP for almost three years, where she was responsible for children and youth educational and development programs, and some other environmental projects.After graduation Nibal served in many international NGOs. She was working as a Caritas Legal Consultant at UNHCR registration center, Protection Department, Human Rights trainer at Shield, Educator at AVSI where she was working on developing programs to empower the children through different educational activities, and finally Social Worker at InterSoS.

Nibal has attended the fourth regional summer course on ‘The Implementation of Human Rights Conventions in the National Systems‘ at the Human Rights Center at Beirut Arab University in Lebanon, where she has attended several trainings and workshops about human rights topics, with participants from all over the Arab countries.

‘Volunteerism plants the seed of change in my soul’ says Nibal ‘that’s why I want each one to live the same experiences that I have been in to be empowered and inspired by many role models, and believe in themselves, trust their abilities, and understand deeply that their role always matters’.  Nibal is using all her previous experiences to launch a new social enterprise that is going to provide trainings’ programs for youth, children and women, and it will be based on volunteering. Nibal believes in her capabilities and skills, and she will do her best to spread her success story between other Lebanese’s women who have been in the same struggles as Nibal was to give them hope and motive to continue fighting for their dreams.


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