Making a beeline for market


What is eternal is circular, and what is circular is eternal said Aristotle

Not your business, probably.

Common knowledge it that a person who gets lost in unfamiliar terrain often end up walking in circles. It looks to the most of the people like an axiom.

                                                   retta cerchio

It may be true but in facts is just part of the truth. We imagine ourselves in the middle of an unfamiliar terrain, like a forest or maybe somewhere in the ocean during a storm: but let’s add an external directional reference to this scenario, such as the sun or the stars, and everything changes. Science proves that our previous assumption is completely wrong…humans are perfectly able to walk on a straight course even in an unfamiliar terrain if you only give them the chance for a reliable reference point able to eliminate the accumulating noise in their sensorimotor system.

If this reference point exists, then we can “make a beeline”, common expression to say that we are able to head directly and quickly toward something or some place.

For a startup is more or less the same thing, if we are able to look for those reference points in the landscape we’ll conquer 3 important targets:

  • Avoid losing unnecessary resources in order to accomplish our business targets
  • Understanding that those points may vary according to circumstances and therefore a continuous assessment process is requested to understand which reference point may be viable, consistent, feasible…
  • Changing/choosing some reference point (either a partner, a product, a service, a leader, a vision etc) doesn’t mean at all to lose your identity: that should help you to classify their relative importance. In the middle of a journey, the top of a mountain can represent a momentary reference point that can lead you out of a valley, where instead the sun represents the key to reach your final destinations. Then probably the first is a mission, the second is about setting values and/or a vision

Is your startup running the risk of walking in circles or instead is able to make a beeline for market?

Here the most typical signs:

No leadership Clear leadership (whatever leadership model..)
Follow the leader Being inspired by the leader’s vision
We are right We want to prove that we are right
Going ahead Planning
Past Future
Time is endless Time is a precious and scarce resource
Gathering data Gathering knowledge
Analysing data Forecasting, making scenarios
Comfort zone Accepting risk
Having an idea Having a vision
Working  together Collaborating and sharing
Believing in a white knight We have to do it ourselves.
Rigid tasks Flexibility
Changing is a drama Change is a normal process
Reactive Proactive
All or nothing Rome wasn’t built in a day…success may be reached adopting a stepwise approach
Our firm is forever We don’t know…we will be there till we’ll be useful to someone
Being always sure Managing uncertainty
Driving onto train tracks Cut out your way
Destination is everything Present position is important
Creating borders Exploring
Interested only in the firm Interested in the competitive landscape
Exclusive company culture Inclusive company culture
Talking  and announcing Communicating
Improvement Improvement and/or disruption
Focused on effectiveness Focused on efficiency


So in the end we can argue that strategy can be defined as the set of activities and resources that can make an organization shift from walking in an unproductive circle to moving on a straight and efficient path