Vision is about Red and Blue

vision words verbs

A good vision is blue and red

Nothing is probably more difficult to address than writing a good vision.

There are endless ways to accomplish the task: when it comes to explain what an effective and inspiring vision can be and represent, everybody has is his own theory.

In the end, there are some points in common between the various approaches:

-it has to be short (between 1 and 20/30 words, somebody says no more than 7)

-it has to be original

-it has to be clear

-it can be the basis for communicating company’s goals internally and externally

If you look at the vision statements standing on line and you analyse the most commonly used words in those texts you can reach some certain conclusion:

A) Mission is about words, that define either one of more of the following 4 areas:

  1. a scenario,
  2. a target
  3. a competitive advantage
  4. a stakeholder

In facts the most widespread words are related to concepts like: service, customers, quality, growth, environment, leadership, champion, value, being the best, profit, future, employees.

4 words categories


B) Mission is about verbs, that define either a process or an action related to some or all of the following 9 categories:

  1. time (accelerate, advance, end, start)
  2. growth (boost, enhance, broaden, enlarge, develop, exceed, grow, increase, extend, expand, enrich)
  3. challenge and fight (defend, preserve, defy, dominate, eliminate, engage, maintain, save)
  4. change (change, make, shape, revolutionize, review, disrupt, transform)
  5. progress (advance, improve, elevate, transcend, prevent, resolve)
  6. creation (build, activate, craft, feature, generate, invent, establish, construct)
  7. communication (formulate, highlight, illustrate, inform, instruct, persuade, promote, reveal, inspire, coach, claim, facilitate, imagine)
  8. operations (collect, delivery, produce, make, distribute, enable, equip, execute, validate, work, produce, organize, test, measure, offer, launch)
  9. human resources/human factor (honor, encourage, empower, educate, celebrate, care, sustain, motivate, entertain)

9 categories

Vision can therefore shift from a “soft” one like a combinatio of scenario words together with creation or communication categories to a “hard” one, where target words together with challenge and fight or time verbs.

So in the end a good mission is about a balanced combination of RED and BLUE.

Try to combine these categories to find your own.

There are probably many other words that can be used next to those we tried to list, those are just the most common ones. But they can provide some useful hint (one of them could be also to avoid all of them in order to produce something really original!!!)


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