EMUNI University and the Naked Pitcher: supporting entrepreneurship


The primary mission of EMUNI University is “to contribute through its activities in the area of higher education  and  research  to Fostering intercultural  dialogue  and  science  diplomacy in  the  Euro Mediterranean  and  Middle  East  and consequently to  the realisation of  the Union  for  the  Mediterranean’s purpose and objectives, and in particular  advancing cultural understanding, peace  and prosperity in the Mediterranean region

With a view to achieving the aforementioned mission, the Euro Mediterranean University, through contributing  to  joint  academic  programmes, educational and  research  activities and  staff  and  students   exchange   across   the   Mediterranean,  endeavours  to   achieve   a   common   Euro Mediterranean Higher Education and Research Area” (cfr EMUNI Statute)

EMUNI was inaugurated in June 2008, in a prominent celebration attended by the President of the European Commission and numerous Ministers and dignitaries from Slovenia and around the world. Shortly thereafter, EMUNI was endorsed by the Heads of States at the Paris Summit for the Mediterranean, identifying EMUNI in their declaration as one of the priority areas of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). EMUNI was entrusted with the mission of contributing to the understanding among people in the region by establishing and fostering a Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area.

As it celebrates its first decade of existence, its mission remains all the more relevant today. The inclusive growth and development is increasingly contingent upon advancement of knowledge and innovation. Peace, security and prosperity in the Euro-Mediterranean region continue to be at the highest priority for the participating states.”

I’d like to thank EMUNI’s management to support the Naked Pitcher initiative.


Personally, I think that the  Euro-Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Diploma is defininitely a great and innovative idea and a huge help for students and young entrepreneurs.

In this Program  “Innovation and entrepreneurship are considered as a fruitful pursuit for creative and productive individuals” It aims  to enhance entrepreneurial thinking and implement entrepreneurial ambition in the context of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

I’ve had the privilege to teach in the “Entrepreneurial Business and Governance Models” and “Business Plan” Module and many ideas about the Naked Pitcher are coming directly from the requests and the interests of the students and startuppers I met.



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