A small entreprenurial test?

This is definitely not the usual quiz about entrepreneurship. Try it !!!!

the beach

Imagine a deserted beach and enter these elements


A CHEST : in this landscape try to visualize a chest … In particular, you can make clear: the position of the chest in the landscape, its color, shape, material and all that your mind has immediately visualized.

the chest

A BOAT:  now, without removing the chest, imagine a boat, its position (at sea, aground/outside the water, its conditions, its colour, particular signs….

the boat

A QUAY:  now in your landscape enter a quay. Where it is, what kind and material it is, which position occupies relatively to the chest and the boat….

the quay

THE STORM: at this point you have placed all the objects; keep these three objects well in mind exactly as you placed them in this desert landscape. Suddenly there is a storm … what happens? has something changed? What happened to the three objects?


the storm

…and then?

Try to figure out, a possible key will be provided in the next article!!!


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