10 (or more) Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask (yourself) as a Startupper


  1. Can I communicate my vision effectively in less than 30 words?
  2. Can I communicate my mission efficiently providing measurable targets/objectives?
  3. Can I think of a plan B? (I. downsizing, decomposing/recomposing my business idea in order to shorten time to market?)
  4. Can I (culturally) accept failure? Can I overcome my fear of failure and, in the process, create a culture of intelligent continuous risk taking. (many successful startups represent the second third (etc) attempt to business world)
  5. Do I have a strong and capable team to propel the business forward? Do I trust them? (the success of a team hinges on the level of trust among team member; the concept of “team” includes an efficient incubator/business angel, able to provide the right services (f.i legal services) at the right time)
  6. Did I try to perform an analysis of my startup strategic plan with the help of tools/Frameworks such as : SWOT analysis, Value chain analysis, Business Model Canvas, Porter’s Five Forces?
  7. Did I try to assess the risks connected with the realization of my business plan and figure out how to handle it? (f.i contractual risks, dealing with confidential/classified informations etc)
  8. Did I perform a startup pre-mortem ?(Startup projects can be better improved rather than autopsied)
  9. What can you do to retain (and attract) talents into your startup (in other words, how contagious is your idea?…in fats, at the very beginning, you can’t count on many economic resources…)
  10. Do I try enough to formalize my key activities and process with documented procedures and informations?
  11. How do I see myself 5-10 years from now? (in other words, what about my real target: selling my startup at an early stage moving forward to something else, or leading its development till completion)