Being on the edge


There are so many definitions of what a competitive advantage is supposed to be…

Outperforming competitors is really the key to understand this concept?

What if we take this concept the other way around starting from the customers instead than from competitors? Are we really sure that competitive advantages can only be considered as the leverage that a business has over its competitors.

As we often said during lectures, the name of the game is not about being the best but instead about being unique. What does it mean really?  Not that much if we don’t take customers side.

Let’s see everything from their prospective and the definition of competitive advantage may then sound something like: “what makes you essential for your customer”

Than you surely gain in perspective

Yes, because at this point competitive advantage becomes:_

-being special (kwowing EXACTLY for who);

-being able to timely indentify your customer spending time there not that nuch in identifying only your competitors;

-being resilient, I mean able to “absorb” customer inputs and changes (and interpret them all);

-being able to assess NOT what you can do TOO but INSTEAD what you are THE ONLY ONE able to do…like the Panda!!!