Test: the key

the key


Here the solution….


the chest


The chest represents your own company or better, the perception that you have of it. If it is small, it may indicate an identity that is not yet well defined. A chest well located and grounded in the landscape, on the contrary, indicates confidence in your own means. A very large and heavy chest, like a metal chest  or a chest closed with a padlock, could indicate excessive rigidity and lack of readiness for change. An open chest, damaged or suspended in the air could indicate doubts or uncertainties about the business idea.


the boat


The boat represents the business objective to be achieved, the related vision and planning. It also represents entrepreneurial inspiration. A boat of a light colour can represent the search for an ideal perfection of the business model, that in your perception remains somehow still partially unexpressed. A boat that shakes a lot in the waves can denote your impatience. A blue boat can denote confidence in the technical and operational potential of your company. A black boat may indicate a desire to make one’s own business plan more serious and complete. Is the boat very far? If it is far from the chest or offshore, then it means that maybe you are experiencing or perceiving difficulties with regard to the realization of your project or that it is actually perceived as stressful. If the boat is already at sea near the chest, you are ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. However, if it is in bad condition or even out of the water, it may indicate that you have some doubts about the realization of your project. If there is someone on the boat ready to steer the boat for you, it may indicate some doubts or a lack of  leadership skills.


the quay


The quay represents your chance of crafting business relationships and collaborations in general. If it is small or damaged, you probably cannot rely on many partners who can help you realize your business idea: either you are not surrounded by the right people or you are too suspicious and not able or interested in working in a team or in a network


the storm


The storm represents the difficulties encountered in realizing one’s business idea. After the storm passes you should review all the positions and changes caused in your scenario. After the storm you can evaluate your assertiveness and resilience, your ability to react to everyday problems.


A small entreprenurial test?

This is definitely not the usual quiz about entrepreneurship. Try it !!!!

the beach

Imagine a deserted beach and enter these elements


A CHEST : in this landscape try to visualize a chest … In particular, you can make clear: the position of the chest in the landscape, its color, shape, material and all that your mind has immediately visualized.

the chest

A BOAT:  now, without removing the chest, imagine a boat, its position (at sea, aground/outside the water, its conditions, its colour, particular signs….

the boat

A QUAY:  now in your landscape enter a quay. Where it is, what kind and material it is, which position occupies relatively to the chest and the boat….

the quay

THE STORM: at this point you have placed all the objects; keep these three objects well in mind exactly as you placed them in this desert landscape. Suddenly there is a storm … what happens? has something changed? What happened to the three objects?


the storm

…and then?

Try to figure out, a possible key will be provided in the next article!!!