The naked busines pitcher Part 3


Everything you need to write in your vision is already in your strategic plan (if it’s a good one). Let’s go back through what you’ve done.

Referring to the The naked business pitcher- PART 1


  1. from the “Intro”: some words identifying you, your story, what may lead the reader identifying with you. For instance, almost every firm has its own slang, and sometimes their metaphors and idioms. TRY TO USE THEM, IT CAN BE VERY POWERFUL;
  2. from “The issue and the solution”: the essence of your business, who’s is going to help (OUR PRODUCT/SERVICE ..IT’S UNIQUE BECAUSE ….CUSTOMER BENEFITS…. ) Values, your business values, should appear above or below the surface., in this case informing everything you write;

Uniqueness is often not about having a bigger business idea for the future, but an easier one.

  1. the rest: try to set apart business goals you wrote down in your BP in 2 categories:                                                                                                                                    A) generic/strategic or long term goals: the one that define your ideal business scenario, the big goal. Those will help you define your VISION …                              B) …where instead the basical, quantitative objectives could be very good for your MISSION.

Referring to the The naked business pitcher- PART 2

A vision helps you pitching because:

-it could represent the key pitching takeaway

tells a lot about your management style

-Your pitching is like music: Vision is the Harmony, whereas a good pitching structure/format  represents the rythm.